Wazifa/dua for rude (nafarman) wife

This wazifa is a blessing for husbands who are worried about their wive's bad behaviour and rudeness. If your wife is rude and doesn't listen to you, you need to tackle this issue with a cool head. Don't react negatively or resort to brutal tactics as it is not only against the spirit of Islam, but it will also create further disturbance for both of you. Practice this easy wazifa and ask Allah for help.
Wazifa for rude nafarman wife/bivi 
A visitor sent us an email a few weeks back asking for a "wazifa for disobedient wife". The person seemed to be in distress as he wrote: "Bivi nafarman he or men bohot tanng hun, mujhay koi wazifa bata dijye." On our advice, he started practising this wazifa, Alhamdulillah his wife changed her behaviour by the will Allah and the relationship improved a lot.

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