Dua For Breaking Black Magic

There is cure in Dua and curse in the ways of Satan (Shaytan). Black magic is real and leaves its devastating impact on the victim. However, it can be beaten and removed with the help of Quran. People who consult Amils and magicians usually end up incurring more losses than they could have ever imagined. There are a lot of myths too that surround the entire subject of black magic treatment. There is one segment who fell prey to paid, greedy amils and ends up losing both faith in Allah's power and money too. And then there is another type of people who dont believe that magic exists and they easily fall prey to the plot of Satan and magicians. How to remove black magic in Islam? is often the query typed in Google by victims who are finding no good help. The truth is that you can remove black magic yourself and heal yourself. It is easy to heal yourself if you are a victim of black magic than treating others.  All you need is strong faith and belief in Allah and that He listens to prayers and requests.  

Dua For Breaking Black Magic on Memory

Generally speaking, all types of magics, leave a devastating effect on the memory but there is a certain type of black magic that weakens person's memory gradually to an extent that he/she is unable to do anything significant or valuable in their life. As a result their aims, ambitions, desires are never fulfilled.  As a result, the intelligence level of victim keeps getting worse with the passage of time. 

Symtpoms of This Type of Black Magic includes sudden memory loss, forgetfulness, inability to think as victim feels his/her mind is blocked,  unable to remember things clearly, loss of confidence and difficulty to understand simple things. 

Dua for Breaking Black Magic

Remedy To Cure This Kind of Black Magic Through Quran: The sooner you treat this magic spell, the better it is for your health and overall life. Pray 5 times a day, believe firmly in the oneness of Allah (SWT) and that He alone has Power to benefit or cause loss to anything in the universe. Refrain from Haram earnings. Read Surah Yaseen 7 times after Fajar Prayers, Surah Rehman 5 times after Dohar, Surah Falaq 300 times after Asar Prayers, Surah Naas 200 times after Maghrib Prayers and Ayat ul Kursi for 101 times after Isha Prayers. By the help and mercy of Allah, all black magic and witchcraft will be destroyed within 7-21 days InshAllah. May Allah be your guide.  

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