Shohar ko qaboo kerne ka wazifa did not work and why it backfired?

Samina Shahid from Karachi: 
""I used a wazifa someone told and it promised big success like "Shohar ko kabu kerne ka powerful wazifa." I started the wazifa and continued for 40 days as it recommended. Luckily, I got the results and then something weird started happening and my husband went from bad to worse. He became more and more frustrated and arrogant. So what could possibly have happened? 
After seeing nasty results doing this wazifa to "subdue husband and make him farmabardar" I have come to the conclusion that such wazaif attract anger of Allah and are a total waste of time, and the biggest reason they backfire is that they are often motivated by ego. In my opinion and understanding, any wazifa that has following elements will create unhappiness rather than success or happiness and will meet failure sooner or later:
1) Any wazifa that is against the teachings of Quran and Sunnah (since subduing or overpowering husband is something Islam never supports as Quran has
shohar and husband ko qaabu kernay ka wazifa did not work
ordered women to be obedient to their husbands. We can make dua or follow ways supported by Quran, but 
1) Any wazifa that has shirkya words 
2) Any wazifa that is driven by ego i.e. hate, anger, jealousy, selfishness, ambition to take revenge, or intention to harm. 
3) Any wazifa that aims to controls the mind of someone without their will.
4) Any wazifa that is done with doubt, impatience, and little or no faith in Allah.

Please share your experiences with me. Have you tried any such wazaif?

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