Can I get wazifa to control husband?

In my humble opinio, you can't use such Islami wazaif. You can win over Husband and his love by practising a certain wazifa, but controlling husband's mind against his will either by using magic spells or even by a wazifa is not right. Even if that wazifa has no shirkya words, controlling someone's mind against their will has a very nasty repercussion and is against Islam.
wazifa to control husband
Allah has ordered women to be obedient to their husbands while men are ordered to be kind and forgiving to their wives. Please be advised that practising wazaif that are against the spirit of Islam will not serve your cause. There are lots of wazaif that have nothing to do with Islam or the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (Peace be Upon Him) as they are only devised to fulfil endless human desire (that is often driven by ego). 
Quran teaches us that wives have to be obedient (farmabardar) to their husbands. Yes, husband has to be kind, forgiving, caring, but forcing your will on him by doing wazaif is wrong.
I have noticed a lot of spiritual mentors and amileen are selling cheapness in the name of Islamic and Qurani wazaif. People are using wazaif as magic pill where they can make all their wishes comes true without reforming themselves or turning to Allah in real way. I myself practice wazaif and there is no issues doing it as it at shifts your focus to Allah and it also indicates that you seek help from Allah in every situation.
I recommend making dua to Allah for husband that is good with you and who cares for you. Controlling husband's mind like a puppet is completely wrong and is against what Quran teaches us.
Please avoid using wazaif with catchy slogans that may look like: Wazifa for farmabardar shohar,
Lots of women are getting trapped by these attractive slogans and they think they can get happiness by controlling the mind of their better-half. It is not only against Islam
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