Shohar/husband ka ghussa: an easy wazifa that helped a lot of women

Email question: I am from Karachi and I wanted to get a wazifa that could end my husband's bad temper. I had been really frustrated and nothing seemed to work. I kept asking spiritual mentors wondering how to get a wazifa that coul calm down my husband. Whenever he was in anger, he abused me and sometimes he even attempted to beat me. Please help ! 

Looking to Allah in every situation is something Islam teaches us and no matter what you are going through, asking Allah for help always saves us. Try this easy-to-practise wazifa whenever your husband goes mad at you.
Shohar, husband ka ghussa khatam kerne ka wazifa and dua

We always recommend this wazifa to any woman that is worried about her husband's bad behaviour.
Wazifa method for the English audience:
Step 1) Recite Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Rahim twenty times Step 2) Blow on water Step 3) Give the drinking water to husband (make sure you keep the wazifa secret form husband)
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