How To Find Out Who Has Done Black Magic On You?

Black magic, by definition, is use of negative entities/energies and Satanic dark forces to achieve certain malicious goals. In most of the cases, the use of black magic is negative and used to wreak havoc in victim's life. Unfortunately, the use of black magic in Muslim countries is on the rise. People consult dark magicians with different requests including but not limited to, break marriages, destroy health, business and happiness of the victim. Black magic is both psychological disease that manifests its damage in the physical form as well if it goes untreated for a long period of time.  The reason why people get  black magic done is usually due to jealousy and enmity.

Why Is It Important To Find Who Has Done Black Magic on You?

While many healers/shamans/religious scholars discourage against finding who is doing black magic on you, it is nonetheless important to find out who has done black magic on you. Often, people who are close to you whether in family or friends circle resort to such low methods to harm. Please understand the fact that for magic to take it full effect on the victim, proximity(close relations, contact) is important. Black magicians usually recite satanic incantations on certain objects such as gloves, dolls, paper, and give to their clients to keep at close distance with the victim. Once you have found out the person, who is working secretly against you, it is best to break any relationship with them and keep a distance to further avoid black magic attempts. However, it should be done with caution. Only after completing the dua/wazifa, you will be able to see the face of person doing or getting done black magic against you. Creating a distance from that person will minimize further negative effects of magic on you for sure. However, once you have found out the person who is involved in black magic to cause harm to you, your family, your business, don't disclose this to anyone.

Islamic Method To Know The Person Behind Black Magic In English/Hindi/Urdu:

After Esha (Night Prayers), offer two units of Nafil (optional prayers) with the intention to know who is creating troubles in your life through the use of black magic. Ask Allah and He will guide you InshAllah. After completing the prayer, recite Durood-e-Ibrahimi for 11 times to begin the dua/wazifa. Recite this verse (For Arabic, please see the image below) whose Transliteration is: Ya Khabeer-o-Akhbirni Anil Ahwaal, Ya Aleem-o-Allim'ni Anil Ahwal for 4100 times and sleep after closing the wazifa with Durood-e-Ibrahimi for 11 times. You have to repeat this process for 41 days. You will see different faces in your dreams as sometimes negative spirits, jinnat and moakils, take different shapes to stop you from completing the wazifa. However, by the will be and grace of Allah, He will show you the exact person in your dream and your heart will fixed and satisfied on the result. Once you have got the desired result, please keep it as your secret and do not discuss with anyone. If the jealous person is from among the family, gradually cut the ties with him/her. It can be your close relative, friend, business partner, or rival. Also please remember, the reason for knowing the person doing black magic against you should be to avoid them and not create enmity with them. Leave yours and their affair in the Hands of Allah and He will create a way out for you from this disease InshAllah. Women can skip the wazifa during their periods and continue afterwards.
How to find out who has done black magic on you or your family

How to Know If I Am Suffering From Black MagicUrdu/Hindi

Signs of Black Magic According to Islam


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  2. Assalamualaikum
    I'm a girl and I wanted to know if this wazifa is safe, I mean it says that some negative energy will try to stop me. So, will it try to harm me or my family?..or will the negative spirits only appear in my dreams?..and also is this wazifa safe for unmarried girls?

  3. If u have daring do it. Coz more or less after any wazifa do multiple? Then any moakkil will come to stop u

  4. Leave on Allah what ever thing happen Allah knows every thing..tawakkal on Allah. ..don't dare to do such things. Just pray and ask forgiveness.