Dua/Amal To Break Black Magic On Education and Studies

Black magic happens usually due to jealousy and out of enmity to put others down. People consult black magicians to cast a spell on other's children so that they cannot focus well on studies and end up facing a poor future prospects after completing their education. Some children/students are more intelligent than others naturally and this is what led some people to black magicians and do this horrible crime of destroying other's studies in particular and lives in general. 

How This Type of Magic Is Done: The black magician appoints a Jinni with the victim. The jinni is assigned the task of distracting the child from studies. As a result, the student takes more interest in other activities than studies. His/her brain and ability to concentrate on studies weakens with the passage of time. The child suffers from backpain and sever headache especially when exams are near. 

A female student would always remain pre-occupied with the thoughts of fellow male students and vice versa. He/She will develop extreme aversion to school/college premises. Once, they leave the premises, they will feel good and happy. 

What's The Cure Of This Type of Black Magic?:

The remedy and cure for this type of black magic is possibly through recitation of Quran. Before starting this amal/wazifa/procedure: make a fresh waddu (ablution) and recite Durood 11 times before and after completing the entire wazifa. Read Ayat-ul-Kursi (The Verse of Throne in Surah-Al Baqarah) for 11 times and 4 Quls (Surah Ikhlas, Surah Kafiroon, Surah Falaq, Surah Nas). Recite 11 Times Durood to finish this. Now keep reciting the Dua : Rabbi Zidni 'Ilma (ربِّ زدنی علماً)  constantly. By the grace of Allah, within 1-4 weeks, the child will start taking interest in studies. 
Dua for breaking black magic on Studies/Education

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