Dua For Breaking Black Magic Of Doubts

Assalam-o-Alikum all brothers and sisters in Islam and greetings for the non-Muslim readers. Today, I am going to write another article that describes the method to break a certain type of magic..:black magic of doubts and suspicion. In this type of black magic, the sorcerer/magician/Sahir/Amil, creates doubts in the mind of the victim through satanic incantation and acts to please Satanic forces who in return work for the magician. As a result of this type of magic, the victim remains worried/stressed out for no apparent reason. The victim is overcome by negativity of all types and gradually he/she becomes a complete mess in daily activities. There is an easy cure/remedy for this type of magic. However, if the magician's spell is strong, it may take a couple of weeks for you dispel all the negative effects. 

Word of Caution: Never consult the black magician to get the black magic treated. It will further mess up your life. Common signs of dark magician posing as a spiritual healers are: He/She would murmur the words that are incomprehensible. These chants are often a call to help of Satanic forces. He/She would ask your mother's name. He/She would ask you for an animal to slaughter (usually a goat of black color). Just as darkness cannot overcome darkness, the same thing can be said for treating black magic through a black magician. 

Symptoms of This Type of Magic: The victim remains constantly worried and fatigued despite leading a healthy lifestyle. The patient develops extreme aversion to Allah and any discussion that involves Allah and Muhammad (S.A.W). Preferring to avoid social contact and relationships is another sign of this type of black magic. 

There is a simple Quranic method to remove this type of magic. Again, I ask the victims of this type of magic to stay away from black magicians. When there's cure in Quran, there's no point in creating troubles and compromising your faith. Prayer regularly five times a day. Try to keep yourself in Wuddu (in clean state) as much as possible. Do charity (sadqa) and respect your parents. Always hold firm belief that Allah is by your side and Will help you get out of this trouble created by the dark magic. 

Dua for breaking Black Magic of Doubts
Method To Remove This Type Of Magic With The Help of Quran:  After Fajr (morning prayers), recite Surah Faitha for 300 times and ask Allah to remove this magic. Make a sincere request to Allah a firm belief that He Alone has the Power and Might to destroy this spell. Recite Surah Falaq 200 times after zohar prayers, and Surah Tariq after Isha namaz (prayers). Make sure you don't miss any obligatory prayers. With the help of Allah, all black magic effects will go within 1-4 weeks. 
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