Ya Salamu wazifa benefits (fazilat)

Ya Salamu wazifa has plenty of benefits (fazail/fazilat) that you might want to take advantage of now. I am reciting Ya Salamu for a while and it has given me a great sense of safety, peace and comfort. The wazifa has a miraculous power especially when it comes to dealing with a difficult and unwanted situation.
* Elimination of unnecessary fear and worry
* Deeper connection to Allah
* Recitation of Ya Salamu in trouble can reverse the situation and create a peaceful environment for two or more than two persons (a family, husband-wife relationship, or workplace)
Ya Salamu wazifa benefits fazail and fazilat
Personally, I have seen the benefits (fazilat) of reciting Ya Salamu. The wazifa is the best weapon during tough conditions, especially dispute or serious arguments (in your family or even with a group of people/enemy). Constant recitation gives you the sense of power and integrity, making you feel you are being guided by Allah. If you dwell on the meaning, you will quickly gain the maximum benefits this beautiful name of Allah has to offer.
Ya Salamu meaning: The Source of Peace (English), Aman o Salamti denay wala (in Urdu)
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