Ya Allah wazifa and dua benefits

Ya Yallah wazifa is very powerful for shifting our focus to Allah and His glory. I have been told to share the entire series of Asma ul Husna wazifa and their benefits. Wazifa is a not a magic pill, as paying close attention to the meaning and attribute of Allah's name is the key here.
Ya Allah wazifa dua benefits

1. If a person recites Ya Allah for a thousand times on a daily basis with focused attention on Allah and His creation, power, mercy and all attributes, they will build a deep connection with Him Inshallah.
2. A chronic illness that has no cure in the world can be treated by Ya Allah wazifa and dua.
3. Recite Ya Allah for a hundred times after jummah prayer, all the wish and hajaats will be fulfilled Inshallah.
Ya Allah wazifa is best for building a deep connection to Allah. Spiritual enlightenment is achieved when we focus on Allah most of the time. This wazifa can give us clarity and will make us practice with focused attention. 
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