Asma ul Husna: Prayer for success in business

Ali Tahir (Lahore): I want to share with you how I changed my business life by praying using one of the key attributes of Allah (Asma ul Husna). It works like a miracle.

Ya Razzaqu (The Provider): Al Razzaq is one of 99 names of Allah mentioned in Quran and the beautiful name is very strong when it comes to getting uninterrupted supply of money. No matter how much negativity has been blocking your success or even a black magic spell on your money/rizq will be broken.
Prayer for business using Asma ul Husna Ya Razzaqu


1. Sit in a quite room where nobody can disturb you
2. Close your eyes and recite 40 times Ya Razzaqu urzuqni halalan tayyiba slowly and with focused attention. 
3. While reciting, imagine that Allah has listened to your prayer and your business is growing, sales are coming in, or you are sitting at an office.
4. Finally give thanks (shukr) to Allah by reciting Surah Al Fatiha one time, as He gave you the opportunity to recite His glorified name for your wish and then answered your prayer by giving the business of your dreams.

* Repeat this practice until you prayer is answered by Allah

How to imagine that Allah has given me the business of my dream?
Take the time and form a mental picture of your final desire being fulfilled by Allah. If it is a business you want to run successfully, you must form a mental picture of you already running the business earning money. You can imagine yourself dealing with customers or receiving cash through check, seeing the amount in numbers. If it is a job you are looking for, imagine that you are working at a nice office. You can imagine your role or seeing yourself leading a team of employees.

Allah likes to know whether we are really serious about our prayer or we are just fooling around with a vague picture of our desire. As for a business success or finding your dream job, you must have a
clear picture in your mind.

If you are having trouble making the right prayer, please leave your queries in the comment section. I would love to respond and try to do my best to tell you how to attract Allah's mercy and blessings using his glorified name (Ya Razzzaqu).

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