Saturday, July 2, 2016

Surah Al Nasr benefits

Surha Al Nasr has multiple benefits that you must now take advantage of as we all have to turn to Allah when the our situations get rough. So why not make a habit of looking towards Allah all the time and make our wishes come true through the recitation of His Holy Book Al Quran.
Benefits (fazilat) of Surah Al Nasr:
* Surah Al Nasr is best for hajat (wish) of any kind. Recite the Surah seven times after every Salah (namaz/prayer).
* Scholars say Surah Nasr is best for getting sins forgiven by Allah if recited on a regular basis (make sure you understand the meaning of Surah and ponder over its message).
Surah Al Nasr benefits 
Many people in countries like Pakistan or India have developed a habit of reciting Quran without pondering over the meaning and I think scholars in general have a lot to answer for in this regard as general public is usually discouraged to read the translation of Quran without the help of a teacher. Does it make sense?


  1. 1: (make sure you understand the meaning of Surah and ponder over its message) you didnt bother too tell us .... ? 2: Shameful that on a page like this you have Add'z of dating sites , fashion designers !!

    1. Recite this with feeling of emotion by reading each sentence with heart and see things will change in your favour.Insha Allah

  2. This Sureh is very powerful I recited it with meaning and things changed in my favour.Suban allah