Surah Lahab benefits (fazilat)

Every Surah of Quran has benefits, not just benefits for akhira and spiritual ones, but also worldly ones. The benefits of reciting Surah Lahab I mentioned here are related to problems we often face during our life.
Benefits (fazeelat) of reciting Surah Lahab:
1. Surah Lahab is the best solution to protection from enemy of faith, wrongdoers and evil-minded persons.
2. If recited seven times a day, one can save themselves from their enemy.
3. If you have to confront an enemy bent on harming you for no reason, you can recite Surah Lahab. Inshaallah the enemy will avoid you.
Surah Lahab benefits fazeelat
You have read some of the benefits of Surah Lahab. Please be mindful that using Quran verses to harm others will have very negative consequences on you as Allah is all-knowing and He knows our intentions. People in countries like Pakistan and India use Surah Lahab to take revenge and curse their enemies (although many of these people think of someone as their enemy on mere assumption). Using Quran verses to destroy someone will be like cursing and shaitain is involved in such acts.  
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