Dua for sleep disorder

Are you having sleep disorder or having difficulty going to sleep in the night and you sometimes have to take sleeping pills to close your eyes? If yes, then this dua is a must on your to-do list. 
How big your problem may be, but this dua has powerful words to put you to sleep if practised with faith and interest. 
I have seen people with mental illness and complex psychological problems go to sleep peacefully thanks to reciting this beautiful dua. Every person has to go through sleep disorder in one form or another, but if this problem has persisted for weeks or even for days, it can create a lot of troubles in private life as well as your social life. But we should not worry as Allah has given us tools to cure our worldly problems.
Best Islamic dua for sleep disorder 

One of our blog readers wrote to me telling how he had been unable to sleep for weeks and it was getting too much for him. “I can’t go to sleep in the night without taking pills, please somebody help me,” he said he complained to a religious scholar. He said he was recommended this dua and it worked magic for him. The first night he recited the dua came as a big surprise to him and he had gone to sleep peacefully.
“Now I sleep peacefully without having to worry about thinking how to drift off to sleep,” he writes. This beautiful Islamic dua has become “my best sleeping pill really.”
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