Surah Kahf for protection from fitan of Dajjal

Surah Kahf is the best weapon for fitna of Dajjal as there are several hadiths that talk about the benefits of this Surah and its regular recitation. Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) has warned us all of dajjal fitna and it is important for us to protect our eeman (faith) at all costs because the biggest threat dajjal will pose will try to shake our faith.
A hadith form Tirmidhi has talked about how we can protect ourselves from fitna e dajjal.  "ٰIf someone memorizes the first three verses of Surah Kahf, they will be protected from fitna e dajjal," (Hadith, Tirmidhi)
Surah Kahf protection against fitna dajjal
Faith is the only thing that will guarantee our success in life and life-after-death.
I think many of you can recite Quran and if you can't read Arabic text, I can write transliteration if you want me to. The most important thing is, we should stick to the ways Prophet Mohammad (Peae Be Upon Him) has taught us. 
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