Surah Kahf for removing black magic, evil spirits and shaitan djinns

Islamic prayers online and healings: Surah Kahf is best weapon in a Muslim's arsenal when it comes to dealing with a black magic attacks, evil spirits, haunting and stubborn djinns that refuse to go away. If you think your house is under a magic spell or haunted, you can use this method.
The method is pretty straightforward and anyone can do it even without the consultation of an expert or Raqi (Roohani, spiritual healer). I have mentioned below how to perform the practice and keep your house and workplace protected.
Method:  Recite Surah Kahf one time and blow on water. The water can then be sprinkled on the four corners of your house, workplace, office, and any place you suspect to be haunted or under a spell.
Surah Kahf for black magic, djinns spirts

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