Dua For Studying

Students across the world are pretty concerned about their grades particularly when the exam deadline looms large. Research says that over 80 percent students fail to achieve their true potential because they cannot focus and concentrate well during the preparation time beforehand and hence they suffer eventually. The procedure of dua for studying as mentioned below will ensure that you perform max to your potential and your results do not suffer due to stressful nights. Good grades is the wise of every student and it depends largely on the focus and concentration. According to a research, students who can focus well on the studies will outshine the students who do not. 

Some Useful And Handy Tips For Students: 

1- Manage to study at the time of your choice. For example, some students love to study at night while others prefer morning. 
2- Keep your eating habits in check. Overeating will prove to be counterproductive. 
3- Make sure you sleep well and full. It is not the amount of hours that you study but the productive minutes you spend while studying. 
4- Avoid people who hurt or change your emotional behavior. Keep calm. 
5- Offer Five Times Prayers On Time. A disciplined life with full regards for religious duties will do wonders for you. 

Dua For Studying Before Or For Exams: These Tips Are Helpful For Professionals As Well

Dua For Studying Before Exam: Hindi/Urdu Tranlsation

Dua/Prayer/Wazifa For Studying Before Exam

Urdu/Hindi Translitration: 
Walaqad Yassarna-l-Quraanaa Lizzikree Fahal Min-Mmuddakirin’
Females must avoid doing this dua or wazifa during their periods that last up to 7 days. Reciting this dua after namaz is strongly recommended. Within next week after you have started to recite this dua on regular basis will manifest results by the grace of Allah (SWT). May Allah be your best Supporter and Guide. 

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