Qandeel Baloch Offers This Gift To India After Match

Qandeel Baloch is viral on social media for her bold and even vile promises. Thankfully, Pakistan lost the game to India and we wont have to watch this lady n-a-k-e-d dance. This lady knows to how to use popular events, celebrities to gain popularity and that is what he has been doing all the way with Pakistan and particularly Shahid Afridi. Chances are Afridi does not know this lady nor would he approved of such antics and publicity stunts. 

Now that Pakistan lost the match, she quickly came up with another idea to gather audience and gain popularity. She offered a gift to Indian fans and in a new video. Wearing a traditional Balochi dress, she dances and offers this video as gift to her "Indian fans" if there are any. Of course, any educated and level-headed person would not take Baloch seriously and dismiss her antics only intended to increase her fan base. Watch the video below:

Qandeel Baloch Dances and Offers Gift To India After Pakistan Lose

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