Mumtaz Qadri hanging: Pervaiz Rasheed gets hit with a shoe at airport

A furious mob gathered at the Karachi Internationl Airport encircled Information Minister Pervaiz Rasheed and someone from the crowd threw a shoe at him in protest against the hanging of Mumtaz Qadri. I got my hands on this amateur video that went viral. It is easy to see a shoe hit Pervaiz Rasheed on the back of his head with a little bang. Due to a tight security and an already-tight inspection being praticed at every single airport of the country, the protesters could not enter in a large number, but a handful did manage to get in.

Pervaiz Rasheed hit by a shoe at Karachi Airport
Pervaiz Rasheed gets hit with a shoe on the head in protest against Mumtaz Qadri hang
A countrywide protest is being observed but the overall situation has been under control since the hanging. The religious factions should be praised for maintain peace and not resorting to violent protests as the result of the punishment because the situation could have worsened if religious parties mobilised their workers. Security forces and administration should be appreciated for that. 
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