Saturday, January 16, 2016

Wazifa For Shadi: Personal Experience

This is the tried and tested wazifa for shadi (marriage). I have personally seen its benefits and rewards. I wanted to marry a girl whom I loved but it did not work out for us until I knew I had Bandish done on my marriage and the problem got worse with the passage of time. Heartbroken as I was, I started looking to find the solution to this problem and tried this wazifa. It worked wonders for me within 2 months and I was able to find a spouse and now am happily married. Though, I regrettably could not marry the person I loved most but my marriage problem came to end quickly. This wazifa works best when you ask Allah like a beggar (faqeer). 

                                                                (Wazifa For Shadi)
This is a Mujarrab not Sunnat amal. But we Muslims can do wazifas that are in line with Quran and Hadith and do not involve Shirk (association with Allah). Ask Allah for your marriage by doing this wazifa and your dua will soon be accepted. 

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