Islamic treatment: Easy and quick Black Magic Removal Method

I will get straight to the details of this method without going into further discussion. This is Ruqya. The Ruqya is based on Quran verses about Sihr (magic) and jinns (evil forces mostly) and is recited by a Raqi (the person who heals magic patients by reading verses). In this special video, we have some of the most powerful Ruqya verses recited by renowned reciter (Qari) Sheikh Mishary Rashid Al Afasy who is famous for his beautiful voice.
Listen to this !

1. Get a headphone as it will make it easy for you to listen to it with focused attention.
2. Make sure you have 15 or so minutes spare so that you can pay attention to the verses being recited. Also, make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position as there should be no distraction around. The idea is to let your mind absorb the verses without unnecessary information (people around you, their voices, etc) flowing into your brain.
3. Dwell on the verses being recited. You might start feeling an impact after the verses start getting into your mind.
4. Listen to this video at least three times a day. That means , three sessions a day (15 minutes for each session are enough).
This black magic removal method I am going to share with you today is the fastest, easiest and more authentic than most of the methods being used by fake peers, aamil and so-called magic experts. You might not have heard about Ruqya treatment as it is still not that popular among Pakistanis and Indians.

I have seen people remove their old magic spells within weeks using this Ruqya. Be sure to stick to this Ruqya as you will soon develop a habit and you will find it easy to stay focused. You might have been hurt by a magic spell cast on your work life, private life as most of cases involve attacks on husband-wife relationships, and your financial life. 
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