Face beauty tips for girls (Urdu)

Having a pimple-face is a real pain especially when you are living in countries like Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. The fact is, it is pretty hard to keep your facial health intact as pollution, bad eating habits and lack of healthcare have increased a lot of Pakistani girls' concerns and they complain about not being able to get the face they truly want. This method is amazing, easy and it gives the desired results in under a few weeks.
I have seen many girls increase their face beauty by applying this method. If you have applied beauty creams you must have come to the conclusion that they don't work at all. They are manufactured by big brands just to give you some mental relief as there is no such thing that can alter your skin colour.
Face beauty tips Urdu: Pimples treatment

Beauty tips for Pakistani girls

The only thing you need is something that can freshen up your face and give you a glowing look you are after. When your blood circulation is perfect, your face automatically brightens.

The remedy is pretty straightforward and you will wonder how easy it is to apply. You need to get a handful of mint. You can find it easily at a grocery. Make a paste in a bowl and apply it your face. After ten or fifteen minutes, wash your face with fresh water and let it dry a bit. Keep doing this for a two weeks straight and you will start seeing the results. Good luck and remember me in your prayers.

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