How to face jealous people why jealousy isn't so bad?

I have stopped being jealous and trust me I have never felt so better because now I don't have to punish myself by feeling jealous of others. It was hard and it took me months to finally control the freak hiding inside me.

Are you surrounded by people who are constantly critical of you no matter what you do and they never miss a chance to put you down? If yes, then you should know that you are dealing with jealous souls and best of all you can turn this negative into a positive by dwelling on these points I have mentioned below. Trust me, these points have helped me deal with jealous people in a positive way.

1# If people aren't jealous of you, it shows that you don't have any quality and you are not worth paying attention to

Jealous people keep reminding you of your qualities and your blessings.

1# Think of jealous people as a blessing

Jealous people are a blessing because by feeling jealous of you they actually let you know that you are better than them. Isn't it a blessing?

3# Forgive them and try to be nice to them 

Now that you know jealous people are a blessing in the sense that they keep remind you of your qualities, talent, blessings, plus points and other things that make you worth paying attention to. So be grateful to them.

One thing is for sure, you will meet jealous people no matter what you do and no matter where you are. Whether you are shining in your education or making a progress in your work life, these energy-suckers will keep annoying you by expressing negative feelings for you. 

But don't let it frustrate you because if you dwell too much on why some poor souls are jealous of you, you can't get out of the negative situation and it might drag you into more trouble such as depression, mood disorder or even worse you might become a jealous soul yourself by letting them rule your mind.

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