Monday, January 25, 2016

Benefits of reciting Surah Mulk

Every surah of Quran has benefits and we being Muslim regularly recite verses. But according to hadiths, there are certain Surahs that have certain benefits that we can make the most of. If you are recite Quran on a daily basis, that is good, but if are able to recite Surah Mulk every night it will be even better. Surah Mulk has many benefits. I will share more Surahs and the benefits of their recitation.
If you have benefits of verses you can share with me here. In addition to the list of Surah benefits both in the English language and Urdu language, we are compiling a list of ahadees and other Islamic material.
Benefits of reciting Surah Mulk Urdu and English

Surah Mulk wazifa Urdu

Surah Mulk benefits English

There is cure to every illness and problem in Quran and if you have been under the influence of black magic and depression, reciting this Surah will relieve you. Check out more Islamic treatment methods on the blog.

The Islamic treatment methods mentioned here might not be as well knows as some of the popular methods being used by people. However, these methods serves as the foundation of Islamic treatment because they are free from Shirk and Bida'ah. Any treatment method free form shirk is deemed Islamic and can be used to heal yourself. Some people will demand proof from ahadees, especially when it comes to affirmation-method (which involves saying certain verses or names of Allah for a certain number of times). Again, as long as there is no shirk involved in the method, there is permission.

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