How To Cure Black Magic In Islam By Quranic Dua/Wazifa

Black magic is rampant in Muslim countries unfortunately and people often seek the services of black/dark magicians out of jealousy and enmity. Black magic if goes untreated, will block your life. You will not get regular income, fulfillment of legit desires such a marriage, owning a house and paying off debt. But Allah has not created any disease without a solution. Quran in itself is a healing and book of mercy for believers. You can get rid of black magic problems by reciting Quran and certain Ayats. Please make sure that you offer five times prayers on time and abstain from all the things that Allah has forbidden, for example: adultery, gambling, unlawful earnings, sorcery and alcohol consumption.

 You do not need to find any peer or spiritual healer. You can heal yourself by reading Quran at home. This Dua/wazifa will cure and treat your black magic within 7-41 days depending on the severity of the sorcery done on you. Please remain steadfast and patient and Allah's support will rid you of all your problems caused by devil magicians. 

URDU Explanation: Please refer to the image below to understand this very powerful wazifa/dua to cure you from black magic problems. There is no permission required to do this wazifa. It will work 100 percent if your intention is to purge yourself off black magic symptoms only. Also please remember healing is from Allah and there can be no time given. Consistency is the key.

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