Hadiths about money (maal, rizq, wealth) in Urdu

I am compiling a a comprehensive list of Hadiths on money. Money is an important matter for just about everyone as this particular topic (finance, rizq, wealth) covers many of our need, from food to shelter and clothes and even influence (either justified or unjustified). Being Muslim we must know the boundaries set by Allah. Islam does not prohibit us from making money or wanting more but it condemns greed and the competitive mindset that always revolves around materialism. Money itself is not evil, it is our intention that decides our fate.
Urdu ahadees about wealth and money

Hadith on money and rizq: Importance of earning for family and with good intention
Hadees on money: Helping others financially

Ahadees in Urdu: Spending on family members
Hadiths Urdu: Ownership of your money
It is hard to compile a long list of Ahadees on money in Urdu language, so if you have a collection or are interested in helping me, you can chip in and send me some of your images.
Make sure the ahadees are in image form as it is easy to share and publish on social media for people to read. 
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