Karachi Man Sleeps Inside ATM Machine To Beat Heat

The scorching heat across Pakistan has tuned out to be a tragic summer amid Ramzan--the holy Muslim month of fasting. It has seen the death toll rise to over 1500 as Karachi was the worst hit. People died due to heat stroke while fasting. The lack of power from Karachi Electric and unscheduled load-shedding further aggravated the heat and resulted in the loss of lives which could have been averted otherwise. The government has denied to take responsibility of the deaths as they cited the failure of KE--now a private entity.  

People are taking different measures to beat the heat and this guy did an amazing thing as he locked himself in the Faysal Bank ATM machine in the Clifton branch and refused to open. The air-contined space was a gift for him and he slept inside it for hours. This shows how much people are desperate to kill heat.

Everybody is praying to see the decrease in temperature so that people can fast easily while working outside. 

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