Is Model Ayan Ali Pregnant

The super model Ayan Ali is under arrest and faces court trial on charges of money laundering. She has been rumored to be a model-cum-money-launderer for ex president Zardari. But that has yet to be proven in the court of law. She was arrested while carrying 5 lac (500000 USD) on the airport. The civil aviation man who was investigating and behind the model's arrest is no more in the world as he was brutally killed by some unknown gunman. 

The truth behind Ayyan Ali's 5 month pregnancy...

It was rumored that she was five months pregnant. The rumors further escalated after she refused to take pregnancy test. Zardari allegedly bought her an apartment in posh area of Dubai estimated to be around 10-12 crore Pakistani rupees.  Mubashir Luqman tweeted that his news source told him about the veracity of the news.

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