Javed Chauhdry is with his wife, stop making it a scandal please!

By Raja Irshad

Another fake scandal disseminated by "Paksitani social media crooks" is "Javed Chauhdry scandal" Cheap news outlets online are sharing it like a rash, without even bothering to see what they are sharing. Ok, you may disagree with Javed Chauhdry's views on politics, religion and Pakistan, but won't you allow him a refreshing trip with his wife? Stop turning everything into a scandal.

Fake scandals of Pakistan: Javed Chauhdry with his wife
Javed Chauhdry is one of the most popular news analysts and writers of Pakistan and has authored many books. One of his field of interests is tourism and travelling and he has written extensively on journeys.

I am not sure whether this lady is Chauhdry's wife or a girlfriend, but it is much more better for me to call her his wife to be on the safe side and this is what Islam teaches. Calling it a scandal and sharing it without knowing anything is evil.
Javed Chauhdry poses with wife a picnic spot

Too bad a picture shared as a scandal. Pakistani journalist Javed Chauhdry with his wife

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