Zakir Naik Makes 25 Mistakes In 5 Minutes

Zakir Naik is one of the best Islamic scholars in the world. He has a large following and fan base across the world including western countries and their cities like New York and London. He is known for his sharp memory and ability to narrate extracts from different religious books and scriptures. He has converted thousands of non-Muslims and brought them to the life of Islam and truth. He now runs his own Islamic school and media channel Peace TV. 

But in this video, this guy apparently an English native man doubts his knowledge and shows how Zakir Naik can make 25 mistakes in 20 minutes and goes unnoticed by the unsuspecting listeners and people who attend his speeches. 

I surmise that it was the beginning of the Zakir Naik's career as the Islamic scholar and used to make mistakes that he no longer does. That might be the case. But it would be great if Zakir Naik or his organizations responds to this video and clarify their stance on the questions raised in the video. 

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