What Is Cloud Computing Service?

With the advent of the 21st century it has become extremely vital and significant for countries all over the world to realize and adapt themselves with the rampant changes that are taking place in the technological arena. This proves helpful to them in a number of ways.
Firstly, with the inheritance of such changes countries ensure that the contemporary technology that is being used all over the world influxes their mechanism and operation conducting methodologies to bring an improvement in it, and secondly with such changes they can also make sure that they create and pioneer novel employment opportunities for their people who have gained expertise and are proficient in the effective conduction of such technological tools.
We all are completely familiar with the fact that the unprecedented innovations and advancements that have engulfed the technological sphere in modern times have transformed the world into a global village primarily because of the changes that have especially affected the sector of communications. Tools such as internet and electronic mails have completely redefined the method of developing and enhancing communications almost disappearing any spatial and temporal barriers between people who may be located miles away from each other.
With the passage of time as the technology expanded its influence and took the form of a commercially established, profit generating business venture it was witnessed that all major corporations of the world such as Microsoft and Apple jumped into this medium to introduce methods and innovatory products that provide a completely visage to the conventional business techniques that were being followed and this came in the form of a new technology which was introduced by the name of cloud computing (Sannella, 1994).
During the course of this discussion we would be looking at the different aspects of cloud computing and the databases that are related to it. The advantages that organizations today use this technology for and the associated pros and cons of the technology for, in addition to this the future of this technology will also be assessed and analyzed respectively. 
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