What Is Cloud Computing Database?

Cloud computing is basically a process through which location independent computing is made possible. With the help of this different servers that provide resources and information are consolidated in the form of a cloud with the help of other associated vital devices along with the facility of electricity grid.
 In addition to this the National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST also provide a more objective definition of the world cloud in which they say that the world cloud is used in metaphoric sense which can be applied to the facilities and amenities that are provided to customers who are utilizing the facility of the internet as with the help of either of this technology different kinds and natures of network can be linked directly without the presence of any physical barriers.
 Furthermore, typical cloud computing mechanism involves and produces common business applications online that can easily be accessed from different kinds of web browsers while the software and data are stored on servers. Below is a diagrammatic representation of the metaphoric depiction of the way a cloud computing database can come into formation.
 Cloud computing can be termed as the most contemporary form of innovation in the medium of internet based computing. It is important to mention here that it is the technological foundation that has been provided by the internet which has led to the construction of the infrastructure upon which all these developments can be made.
With such facilities and opportunities standing right at their disposal it was not hard to believe that web pages that were once static in nature and on web began to add features that could prove and festoon their web material with the elements of interactivity. Such a kind of revolution was further catalyzed and facilitated by the hosted applications provided by e-mail medium of Hotmail.
The addition of all these features that made their configuration user-friendly led to the development of a new service which came to be known as Software as a service or SaaS when abbreviated.  As the accessibility and availability factors of cloud computing became an intrinsic component of private corporations, all of them spawned to provide their customers with the benefits that are related to the operations of cloud computing.
Another important feature that is worth discussing here is that irrespective of the nature whether the network of the customer is private or public data is always an integral part of it. Hence it is essential to believe that for the effective functioning and operation of cloud computing it is mandatory for it to be compatible with the database that allows the storage and circulation of different kinds of data which is being used (Michael, N/A). 
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