Video: House of Waleed Bin Talal - The Richest Muslim Guy

The richest Muslim in the world is of course Arab sheikh from Dubai Talal Bin Waleed and has been recognized as one of the riches men in top 30 list. The guy originally belongs to Saudi royal family that is currently ruling the country. He is appreciated for his business acumen and the ability to expand his business setups beyond measure. His business life has been far from controversies and tax or fraud cases but he made donation that sparked after the 9/11 attack.

 He donated 10 million dollars to the Mayor of New York City after the attack and suggested that America should revises its policies in the Middle East especially towards Palestine. As a result of this note, the Mayor returned the cheque and business analysts in the America criticized the Arab business magnet. 

Al-Waleed Bin Talal by hasan9999

The likes of Malik Riaz and Mian Muhammad Mansha are nowhere near this richest Muslim man the world. Mian Muhammad Mansha has a net worth of just 1 billion dollar while the American Pakistani Shahid Ali Khan is faring pretty much well. He is among the top 500 richest men the world. Talal's lifestyle is very lavish and lives in mansions that people like me can only dream of owning. He is blessed with so much wealth that he can buy the entire cities and real estate in the third world country like Pakistan. He travels in the private jet that cost him around whopping 500 million dollars.

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