Meet The World's Richest Muslim Man

Waleed Bin Talal is a business giant in Dubai who comes off the royal Saudi family. He owns Kingdom Holding and a couple of other lucrative enterprises that rake in billion of dollars for him. His net worth rangers between 20 to 30 billion dollars. He is not among the top 10 riches men in the world like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg but he remains to be the richest Muslim man on the planet. 

This business magnet has been one of the most influential people in the world. Forbes rated him as the 24th richest man in the world while  Times also published him one of 100s richest men in the world. He has also been termed as the Arabian Wareen Buffet. 


He is a versatile business man who has investments in agriculture, real estate, hotel industry, aviation and technology and his company was worth 18 billion dollars in 2013. This tycoon has business investments in the most successful companies like Aol, and Apple. He sold his stakes in Apple in 2005. But his diverse business investments in different sectors and industries stand him out from the rest of the business man.

He is also friends with the world's richest man Bill Gates. People have made comparisons of Waleed with the stock exchange and finance giant Warren Buffet. He is also known for massive charity programs. He does not lead simple life. Of course why would he with so much wealth under his belt. 

He has the largest home on yacht. It is a house of its own kind. Just like any other rich Arab, he has also married several women. But he divorces his current wife while marrying a new one which is unique in a way.  
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