The Role Of Nurse In Domestic Violence Cases

Some of the initiatives as nurses that can be taken for the betterment and introducing improvement in the condition of such women can include first and foremost, understanding and diagnosing the gravity and the intensity of the situation that a woman has to go through. Even though domestically abused women have a good understanding of their own situation, their main shortcoming is in the form of confidence lacking due to which they are unable to counter violence.
A key initiative that can be taken in this context is to help them attend sessions and engage in discussions through which confidence building measures can be inculcated among such women. Secondly, women who are regular visitors of hospitals with complaints related to domestic violence can be approached by nurses and they can be provided with relevant help and assistance through which they can address the issue of domestic violence in an effective manner (CWG, 2009). In this context providing them with important contact numbers of agencies and organizations that offer assistance to such women will be commendable.
Thirdly, nurses can also communicate with such women of domestic violence and reach to the root cause of the reasons due to which they suffer from such violence. These reasons can either be economic, social or psychological. By reaching upon the root cause of the problem finding the appropriate solution to it either through proper counselling and guidance for both partners can become simpler.
In conclusion it would be appropriate to say that with the rising cases and seriousness of the situation related to domestic violence it is important that nurses in some of the most prominent health care institutes are provided with the proper attention regarding the different domestic violence incidents. Nurses in these places are provided with training and necessary counselling through which they can help victims of domestic violence in an effective manner and can help in building a safe family and environment for these women to live in.

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