The impact of battering to the individual client, new born and the family

Pregnant women who face domestic violence are subjected and vulnerable to various disorders and problems that may pose a threat to their wellbeing and health status of their child as well. Battered women may suffer from chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorders, psychosomatic symptoms and eating disorders as well. In addition, a woman who has been a victim of domestic violence is likely to face mental health problems such as anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and stay in a constant state of depression.
Also, such women lose their ability to speak and communicate confidently in the society and become overwhelmingly dependent on others for their work. Since the health of a child is related to the mother, women who experience domestic violence are highly vulnerable to miscarriages. In many situations women are forced to abort their child because of the injury they got after being domestically abused that developed adverse effects on the mental and physical development of the fetus (Charmaine, 2013).
This also results in the premature birth of children in which the probability of child surviving is almost negligible. Additionally, the social institution of family in such a situation where women are subjected to domestic violence family values and ethics cannot develop properly. Children of such families adopt the same practices and habits of battering their own wives or partners since they perceive violence to be legitimate means of solving a problem. 
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