Saulat Mirza's Wife And Family Getting Life Threats

Saulat Mirza whose death sentence has been delayed till a further month continues to be at the center of headlines especially his family. His wife has been vocal throughout the episode and she openly justified Saulat's claims that the Party was supportive of its prized target killer. Seeing the public reputation at stake, MQM disowned the entire family including Saulat Mirza. 

His wife and family were fighting the case for 17 years and it seems they have lost it. Now she and her family is getting the life threats from once-friends-now-turned enemies. She tells in the video that her family received calls from South Africa and London.


The alleged callers threatened them and said their new stance is against the party and they will have to pay the price for that. Afterwards, Saulat Mirza's wife had to say if anything happens to her or family, MQM will be responsible for that. 

MQM denied its involvement in the calls but we all know how MQM treats its disowned workers. They obviously operate in a very mafia-style where difference of opinion is never appreciated and that the disowned workers or rebels pay heavy price usually in terms of their lives. 

MQM should abandon that style of politics and should be entirely political party that has no room for violence or killing. But it still seems to be a far cry. Let's see how this Mirza saga ends. My sympathies go out to this family who was brainwashed on ethnic basis and was used for the ulterior motives of the party elite. 

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