Deepika Padukone Bold Ad Sparks Criticism

Deepika Padukone has come under fire for making a short film on women empowerment. It is a very bold video that portrays the strong image of women especially in India. The increasing number of rape cases has already put the status of women in jeopardy and Indian films have a direct role play in this rape epidemic. 
When you keep flooding your films with sexually explicit scenes and images, it is not going to go down well with country that is conventional. The sense of security among female in India has long gone. They cannot roam the city streets without the male chaplain or there will be always the threat of getting raped by the wandering men. 

However, there is something good coming out of this. People are now calling for an end to this epidemic. People are being educated on how to view women and that they are a symbol of respect and not merely a object of desire for men. 
This ad seeks to convey that message. In my opinion, this is another extreme. Women should be free with their choices but there should be some sense of guiding principles and value system. 
It is the religious and social values that matter the most and determine the roles and women in the society. Plus, there seems to be no choice for a woman to wear hijab. If a woman is free to do anything out of her will, what's the issue with wearing hijab? 
The ad has been met with criticism because India is still struggling to give women the absolute freedom. It has not materialized in first world countries like America and England, let alone India. I guess India has a long way to go. 
But the root of rape epidemic should be first addressed. Taking another extreme to counter the other will not work well in my opinion. People are making fun of India and there is a great dichotomy between what's seen on the TV and films and that real life treatment of women in the country. 
However, it is a very bold and strong ad. I was sure there would be reaction after this since the country is not willing to give women freedom they seek. In her own capacity, it is a great effort to campaign for freedom of women in India at large.   
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