Video: Altaf Hussain starts singing songs after lashing out at journalist Sabir Shakir

MQM head Altaf Hussain was enraged after Saulat Mirza's confessions on media and he spoke to a number of news channels to express his views. During his talks at ARY program hosted by Sabir Shakir, Altaf Hussain expressed his anger at how the media is treating the news and spreading false propaganda about MQM and himself. Altaf Hussain lashed out at Sabir Shakir and told him to stick to the facts, not jump to conclusions by sitting in judgement of MQM.
Altaf Hussain's mood changed all of a sudden during the interview and he started singing songs, making the anchors laugh. He probably tried to laugh it off, however, his frustration at the "media trial against MQM" was easy to see. 
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