Mubashir Luqbman Bashing Altaf Hussain And MQM

Mubashir Luqman has become a hot property in the Pakistani media for his outrageous and sometimes bitter shows that went on air. Nowadays, he is free after Ary management refused to let him do a program that had overtones against MQM and its chief Altaf Hussain. 

Luqman was considered a close friend to Altaf Hussain but it was the thing in the past. He is now loggerheads with the London-based party chief and his party mainly dominant in Karachi. Luqman revealed one of the darkest secrets of Altaf Hussain's life which I am sure you have never known before. 

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According to Luqman, Altaf is ailing from a disease that threatens his life. And that doctors have suggested to cut his entire feet so that the spread of that disease to the entire body could be stopped. 

In response to anchor's question if he has some vested interest in only targeting MQM and its cheif, he said he has not left anybody in his biting criticism. From military to opposition parties, he has blasted all of them in his talk show that is no longer on air. 

Now, Luqman is said to have his loyalties lie with the second largest party, PTI and Imran Khan. We all know Imran Khan has also been a staunch critic and opponent of MQM and its invovlment in the criminal activities. 

He said that he did not even leave his colleagues and media house owners and continued to expose them and their wrongdoings. 

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