Are men superior to women?

Are men superior to women and they have every right to raise a hand on their wives? These are the questions that keep cropping up all the time, not just in third world countries, but in the developed regions too.
A social worker from India has been working for gender equality and she is pretty vocal about women abuse in India. Indian society has seen too much as far as torture and mistreatment on women is concerned. 

I am not talking about recent rape incidents in different India cities. I will not go into how women are sidelined in the job market either. I will share with you here how Indian women are the receiving end at their homes, almost always. And this is what has worried this social worker. 

Amir Khan, a Bollywood icon, caught up with this lady by the name of Kamla who is known for her work for women's rights. Amir Khan asked her various questions about how women can improve their position, especially married women who are usually at the receiving end and they are the ones who have to bear the brunt of men's wrath. 

Kamla spoke confidently about why women are treated bad and why men behave in such a way that puts women in trouble and makes their domestic life hell. 
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