Karachi Police For Hire, Unbelievable Level of Corruption

Corruption is at core of our police department throughout the country and it is the institution that requires massive and groundbreaking reforms. We all know that police is involved in taking bribes from the ordinary citizens of the country. They loot the ordinary citizens by using undue advantage of their powers and end up making huge chunks of money. 

However, this is very shocking program of Sar-e-Aam that exposes the corruption of police in Karachi. The program was recorded with hidden cameras and fictional characters. It is pretty disturbing to know that anybody with money can buy the services of our police that should be the most efficient and quick force to protect the citizens and deter criminals theoretically. 

With due respect to honest police offers who are serving the nation without getting involved in corrupt practices, the police is at large corrupt to the core and needs massive reforms that will drive and root out these criminal police officers from the department. 

If you have 1 lac rupees to spend per day, you can hire the police officials and mobile to give you protocol throughout the day. You can take any work from these paid police offers who are not officially incumbent to serve you. 

It is nothing but a murky and organized crime that contributes to the increase in crime in a mega city like Karachi. Iqrar-ul-Hasan deserves much praise for doing this program. I wish him all the best and services to expose the criminal element in the society. I can assuredly say that I did not know that Police can stoop this low for money. They can even kill your enemy if you pay them 1 million rupees. What kind of country are we living in? This program really gives a food for thought and our high-ups should think and restructure the entire department. 

Again, only the few honest police officials can do this but this is an uphill task and will take ages. Sad moment. I am short of words to describe my disappointment about the department that I once wished to join. 
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