Dubai and crime: Drop a wallet and see how many people try to steal it?

Dubai is one of the most peaceful places in the world, and it is not just an exaggerated claim, it is practically the place where most people would want to live, or at least want their respective countries to be like it.

A short video grabbed my attention and it made me want to share this one with you guys. We talk a lot about crime and theft and there is hardly any country that is free from such criminal activities. But I never thought Dubai, which is inhabited by people from around the world.

Stealing is something that is hard to stop and even if police is super smart, these crimes can continue. But Dubai is a different place. A guy made a video to show how nice Dubai people are. He intentionally drops his wallet on the floor on busy Dubai roads and sees what happens. To his surprise, nobody passing by tries to steal the wallet that is full of money. He does not choose one road, there are several spots filmed and not in one instance people try to do something foolish.

Watch this video and share what you think of this? Does your country also have people who can keep themselves from stealing. It is not just about laws and strict rules because some of you may think that Dubai is one of the countries that have the strictest civic laws. But you can get away with stealing even in a country where punishment of stealing is hand-cutting. It is not about laws, it is about the trust that people and government share. It is about brotherhood and compassion. It is about being nice to your neighbour and passers-by.

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