Indian Girl Bashing Government For Banning BBC Documentary On Rape

Rape is an epidemic on rise in India and there seems to be no counter-measures to ensure that the women rights are protected in the hugely populated country. Life is getting tough for the Indian women. For a girl or woman, it is entirely impossible now to walk the city streets in the night time all alone. 

Recently, the rapist who was involved in the infamous bus gang rape was served a vigilante justice as the mob stormed broke into prison and dragged him out and left him dead in a very violent manner. Vigilante justice always comes into force when there is lack of justice. 

Justice was not served and people took the entire matter into their hands and executed the rapist in a mob style. Then there is an issue of honor killing. Women are sent to death valley for dishonoring their family name and grace allegedly. 

This girl is rightly bashing the Indian government whose interests and priorities lie somewhere else. I think India has fast turned into a sexually frustrated nation, thanks to the vulgarity that bollywood portrays. 

Adding insult to injury, Indian government banned the BBC documentary that covered the issue of rape very comprehensively. Indian government acted like an accomplice in the crime that is fast sliding the country into a banana republic. 

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