Demon Scares The Girl Off

Have you ever seen a Jinn in human form? First off, Jinns are the creatures of smoke and they have the ability to take various forms. For example, they may appear in the shape of a bee, mosquito, and lizards. It is always rare when they take the shape of human beings. 

It is a very scary sight if they appear in a human form. Some people claimed to have contact with demons that appear in the human form. This video shows that appearance of a demon in human form. Whether or not this video was planted is out of questions.

Ghost caught on tape by WTFunnyHD

 The video was recorded on a CCTV camera which proves that it is a random event and was not pre planned in any manner. The way poor girl reacts to the figure that appears before her is very real. The sight elicits fear into the heart of the girl and she runs away to find refuge. 

However, this does not end here. The figure follows her. We have heard tales of demons falling in love with women and perhaps this is the similar case. We can only assume and cannot make any concrete judgement based on this footage. 

But it is true that demons and jinns have life very much similar to human beings. They come off different clans, follow different religions and some of them are pious and worship Allah while others belong to Satan. 

The magic is done through the use of jinns. Again, I am not assuming that somebody had done black magic on this lady. What happened after event remains unknown. This kind of mysterious events seldom takes place.

There is also another notion that demons don't like contact with human beings especially when their privacy seems to be invaded. Maybe, it is a haunted where the girl going.  I am sure she would never like to visit the place ever again in her life. 

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