Were 1999 and 2011 World Cup Matches Fixed?

Match fixing has plagued the integrity of the game of gentlemen--cricket. In the context of Pakistan, it seems even more true. We lost two great talents to match fixing in the form of Muhammad Amir and Muhammad Asif back in 2010. There have been always rumors of Pakistan cricket team being involved in match fixing. 

But are they true? Has anybody proved them right? Other than the case of Salman Butt, Muhammad Amir and Muhammad Asif, no confirmed match fixing case has surfaced on the media. Maybe it is much more organized and well-thought-out than we ordinary cricket fans ever think about. 

This anchor has rightly pointed out the need for investigation into the World Cup 1999 defeat to Bangladesh and India in 2011. He cites different people who have witnessed the events that prove the involvement of Pakistani players in match fixing. 

I think a proper investigation should be launched into the matches of 1999 and 2011 World Cup where Pakistan team underperfomed on purpose supposedly. Cricket is not a gentlemen game anymore, it seems. 

Not that I am saying all the matches are fixed, but we have seen match fixing cases in football where the entire teams we involved in losing for illicit money. It can be true in the case of Pakistan cricket. This video has got me thinking on these lines. 

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