Pakistan Cricket Team Has 9 Parchi Players, Is it True?

Defeat after defeat in the World Cup 2015 has landed Pakistan cricket team into trouble across the country. The social media, mainstream media, ex cricketers, analysts are all enraged. Some are questioning the team selection while others are bemoaning the lack of interest from the players and team effort from the players. 

While the concerns are there and rightly so but what about this shocking revelation that Babar Awan has come up with? According to his claim, there 9 D category players who are in other words Sifarshi(Parchi as casually known in Pakistan) and they draw handsome 1 lac per day. 

If this report is authentic then of course it is a real cause for concern. The selection committee should be questioned and grilled over such a flawed team selection. If we dont cruise through the quarter finals then the entire selection committee will be fired but is it the real solution to the problem that Pakistan has long been confronted with. 

If we cross check Babar's claim against the facts and figures of Domestic cricket, we find that Pakistan has the most talented and best performing boys on the team. It is enough to invalidate the claim this ex-law minister has leveled. 

Sure Pakistan cricket need restructuring as Imran Khan pointed out the other day. But what if this team had win its games against India and West Indies, will there be any such shocking delivery of truth? Of course not. Let's hope Pakistan finds form and perform well in the next games. 

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