How Malik Riaz Gained Wealth in No Time

Malik Riaz Hussain is the real estate tycoon of Pakistan. His rise to riches and fame is however very controversial and comes under scrutiny. His critics allege that he used shady tactics to expand his enterprise. 

His hallmark project Bahria Town is a laudable effort as it offers the lavish and most comfortable living across the country. Malik sahab has never come clean over the charges and accusations made against him. 

He is allegedly involved in various land grabbing and encroachment incidents. The popular notion is that this guy knows the art of buying just everything, from politicians to land development authorities. He gifted a lavish Bilawal House in Lahor to the then-president Asif Ali Zaradari. 

He is friends with all the most powerful politicians and generals in the country. I cannot pass judgement over his journey to riches. I think what goes in his favor is the quality of housing that Bahria town offers to its resident. 

It is not for the middle class income people though but it outshines the high level and elite societies in the country. This video shows his shady tactics of land encroachment. 

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