Gulf status symbol: Dubai rich guys flaunt wealth in unusual ways

This is how rich people in Dubai flaunt their money and wealth. Make an instagram or Twitter account and drive the world crazy with pictures that grab attention! This may be a bit too much for even for most of the richest men in the world. 
The man in the pictures is Humaid Albuqaish. His Instagram account is flooded with visitors as he has been the object of discussion for his large stock of lions and sports cars. Some of you may think that showing off money and taking pictures with some of the most lethal animals on earth is not wise, but this is the cost of showing off in places like Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait and other Gulf countries.
Here, Humaid is seen enjoying his time at his speedboat and his cuddly friend is still with him. This time, he poses with a Jaguar by his side. Sitting atop the speedboat, the animal does not look scared at all as it seems Humaid is pretty good taming and training these lethal creatures.
Resting after meal. Humaid has grabbed the attention of Instagram users from around the world. What caught me by surprise is that most of the rich guys in Gulf countries are now signing up with Instagram and uploading such images and videos show off to the world. From expensive gold-made cars to animals like lions, Arab rich are taking the lead. Sounds scary though.
Humaid is squatting at his luxury sports car and how come his loyal friend isn't with him. But this one looks quite scary. The lion, must be over four hundred pounds, does not look happy but we hope things will stay fine with two of them. :)
It is meal time. A fresh goat to enjoy. The feast must cost a fortune, and that on a daily basis. Feeding a dozen animals that include lions, jaguars and white cubs is not something every rich can even think of. This one needs extreme craze.
What better food to serve than to throw a fresh shark and feed expensive white cubs. This must have cost him a fortune to bring up these two cute baby lions. 

The best ride ever? Trying riding a lion 
This is status symbol in Gulf region nowadays and this should not surprise your folks. Haven't you seen a gold-made car whizzing through Dubai streets? at least on TV or a video?

This is becoming a norm among Dubai and Arab rich youth to import lions and tigers. They are ready to spend surprisingly huge amount of money to buy these lethal creatures.
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