Do Americans Know Anything About Cricket?

America is the one of most hugely populated and multi-cultural countries but is known for its unique taste in sports. We all know that Americans don't watch cricket, let alone play it. They are die-hard fans of American football and baseball that is mostly played in America alone. 

Do they even know what cricket is all about? Not that cricket is not played in North America, the Asian and Australian immigrants do play at some level. The average American is however least aware of cricket rules and how the game is played. 

It is a very interesting survey where Americans were tested on their knowledge about cricket. Guess what? They now know less about cricket than they knew before. Apart from fun, all the participants in the survey are finding it hard to figure about what the game is about. 

The females participants are more interested about noticing the clothes. The match they are viewing is World Cup encounter between Pakistan and India. The male participant had the perception that cricket is played wearing jackets and shorts. Hilarious. 

All the participants give up on their knowledge about the game. The video does not even infuse any interests in the American guys. We take it for granted that majority of the Americans are unaware about the game of cricket. 

It is not their fault though. Any Pakistani being shown the American football for the first time will make such ridiculous and funny questions. 
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